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Ymagine is the name of the energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly sheet metal.

Ymagine is a hot rolled steel with cold rolled properties that in many cases can replace cold rolled sheet metal due to the good thickness tolerance.
Tata Steel in Ijmuiden, Holland has a hot rolled line that produces hot rolled steel in an entirely new way.

The hot rolled line goes under the name DSP – Direct Sheet Plant and the material that is produced is called Ymagine.
The advantage of this process, in contrast to traditional hot rolling, is that steel is produced from the molten state to the finished coil in one and the same flow without having to reheat the steel at any point in the process.

The major advantage is that it takes considerably less energy to produce in the DSP line than in a traditional hot roll line. Another advantage with the DSP line is that thickness tolerances become very close. The tolerances are even closer than what the works can deliver from their cold rolling lines.

Ymagine has many advantages due to the evenness and stability in the material and can advantageously be used in many manufacturing areas, for example roll profiling.

Ymagine can in many cases replace cold rolled and even hot rolled where the close thickness tolerance and the good formability can be used for a more stable production with fewer problems.

Ymagine® is produced in thicknesses between 1.15 – 4.0 mm


Yield Strength Re N/mm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm Rm N/mm2

Elongation A 80 %

Equivalent Cold-rolled Quality

Equivalent Hot-rolled Quality

Ymagine D1



≥ 23

EN 10111:DD11
Ymagine S1



≥ 19

EN 10025-2: S235JO
Ymagine H240



≥ 27

EN 10268: HC260LA
Ymagine H320



≥ 22

EN 10268: HC340LA EN 10149-2: S315MC
Ymagine H360



≥ 20

EN 10268: HC360LA EN 10149-2: S355MC
Ymagine H420



≥ 18

EN 10268: HC420LA EN 10149-2: S420MC
Ymagine H500



≥ 14

EN 10149-2: S500MC